Role of Parental Involvement in Education     Academic achievement increases when parents are involved in        their children's education.  Parental involvement leads to better classroom behavior.   Parents should stay involved in their children's education from        preschool through high school.  Training helps parents of disadvantaged children get involved.  Reading together at home greatly improves reading skills.   Schools can encourage parental involvement in many ways.  Parental involvement lifts teacher morale.  Parental involvement benefits children and parents.  Time constraints are the greatest barrier to parental involvement.

Parents, do you realize the critical impact your involvement in your child's education has? This article from Public School Review outlines the conclusions drawn from extensive research on the topic. If you'd like to read more on those or find practical tips you can use to become involved, click here or scan the QR code. Thanks for entrusting your children to us and for supporting our school!