Mask Guidelines


MCMS Family:


A. The Monroe County Board of Education met on January 12, 2021 and implemented a policy that requires all 6th -12th grade students attending face to face classes to wear a mask. This policy is in response to the surging cases present in our community. This policy is intended to be an additional mitigation initiative to the A/B schedule already implemented this semester. 


B. Beginning January 19, 2021, face to face students will be required to wear masks when on campus. This includes the masking of students in both A and B groups. 


C. In order for students and staff to remain safe, and for this policy to be effective, we are going to need 100% compliance from all students. Please be sure to have your mask every day. The school will have limited supplies of disposable masks each day. MCMS has done a good job with mask compliance to date! 


D. Failure to comply will unfortunately carry consequences. See below for progressive discipline:

       Documented administrative warning/reminder to the student

       Phone conference with parent and student (further non-compliance will be viewed as insubordination and handled as such)

       Parents will be given the following option on the third time of not wearing a mask: choice of school isolation from peers (ISS) OR 100%           online learning via Edgenuity.


E. Since this change in policy has occurred after the semester began, we are offering the opportunity for students to change their learning placement for this semester. Students who wish to change their placement to online or face to face learning may request to do so by filling out this Google Form.


The deadline to apply for this online opportunity is January 22, 2021. 


Welcome to Monroe County Middle School (MCMS) located in Forsyth,GA. MCMS strives "to be recognized as a world leading middle school by being 'committed to excellence' for ALL students." Our mission is "to establish a strong foundation by challenging our students to achieve their maximum potential as productive citizens in society." MCMS students exhibit our motto of "learning to live, living to learn."

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