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Class Info

Important Info  

Welcome to “9th” grade! I am excited about working with your child this year and will expect them to come to class prepared. My students will be successful this year if they will 1) listen, 2) complete all assignments, and 3) be an active learner… a student engaged in class activities & discussions. Listed below are the important items you need to know for my class. Please read over them carefully, talk to your child about them, and encourage your student to abide by these guidelines. If I can ever be of assistance, please feel free to email me or call the school (994-6168) between 12:45 and 1:30 PM.


The majority of assignments we complete in class, unless it is graded, will be kept by the students and should be stored in their 3 ring binder. The students will know the specific items they are responsible for by referring to the “Table of Contents” located on the board. Each page should be numbered in the upper right hand corner and placed in numeric order. At the end of a unit, the notebook will be used by the student to help them study for that assessment. We will then clean out the notebook and will start again with info from the new unit. I will collect the old notebook contents and will store them to be used to help study for 9 weeks exams and the Milestones EOC. I am hopeful that the notebook will help keep students organized and that it helps them develop responsibility for classwork.


Homework is an important part of education. It is a review of what was taught in class that day; or a preview for the upcoming day. For this reason, your child will have homework Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday nightsI grade homework for completeness, not correctness. This means that I want your child to attempt every assignment they are given. I do not want them to come in with a blank piece of paper and say they “did not understand.” They should at least write down an educated guess based on what they have learned. 9 times in a 9 week period they will have a homework check. Every three checks will go down as one grade in the grade book so each assignment is worth 33 points. Homework will count in the formative category when averaging for the report card. 


Due to the fact that this course is for high school credit, your GPA (grade point average) will start with my class. You must pass each semester (Dec & May) with at least a 70 to get credit for the course.  The percentages used for Pre-AP Physical Science are:

Daily Grades/HW (Formative)                   40%              

Assessments/ Projects (Summative)        40%

Benchmark Exam/ EOCT                          20%                      


1. Listen to Instruction- do not talk when I am, you will need what I am saying

2. Enter & Exit Prepared- bring all supplies to class each day (binder/ writing utensil), take your seat as soon as you enter the classroom, begin bell warmer

3. Always try your best- you will be successful if you put forth the effort

4. Respect yourself & others- be kind & follow the Golden Rule

5. No excuses- do what you need to do to be successful


1st offense- Warning/ Reteach Behavior                   

2nd offense- Parent Contact/ Teacher Consequence

3rd offense- Parent Contact/ Teacher Consequence

4th offense- Parent/Teacher/ Team/ Admin Required Conference

5th offense- Office Referral