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Jessica Whatley, School Counselor


Hello! I am currently the 6th and 8th grade counselor at the Monroe County Middle School. I am a native of Forsyth and a 2005 graduate of Mary Persons! Before becoming a school counselor, I was a math teacher at the former William Hubbard Middle School.  I truly take pride in being a BULLDOG and I enjoy sharing that excitement with my students and their families!

I will do my best to ensure that you have a successful school year at MCMS. #bulldogfam 

-Mrs. Evans


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“Bridging The Gap In The Middle” 

Monroe County Middle School 



“Bridging The Gap In The Middle” 


Monroe County Middle School


As the middle school counselor, I work with the teachers to provide every student the necessary knowledge and skills in three areas: Academic, Career, and Personal/Social. 



Students do better in school when parents/guardians are actively involved in their education. Please consider the following ideas to support your middle school child: 

* Make contact with your child's teachers at the beginning of the school year. You can make a phone call, write a note, send an email or schedule a conference. It is also helpful to share information that might help the teacher know your child better. 

* Whenever possible, attend conferences and parent functions throughout the year. Attending such meetings will provide parents/guardians the opportunity to know firsthand how your child is performing in class. It will also give you the chance to discuss academic strengths and weaknesses.

* Show continuous support for your middle school child by volunteering with the Monroe Middle 100. You may contact Mrs. Brandi Pye, our Parent Involvement Specialist, for more information about volunteer opportunities in the school. By showing interest in your child's education, you're also showing interest in him/her. This kind of support will encourage your child to achieve more in school.

Need help?

Contact your child's counselor! 

Jessica Evans, School Counselor (6th and 8th grade) 

Traci Bennet, School Counselor (7th grade)
Monroe County Middle School 
66 Thornton Road 
Forsyth , GA. 31029 




Ms. Whatley's Schedule 


Morning- William Hubbard Campus


Afternoon- Banks Stephens Campus 


Large Group Counseling

Each 6th and 7th grade class receives a core curriculum lesson each month. Career counseling is included in the classroom core curriculum lesson. College tours are also apart of the career component. Students please check your student email for information on the monthly college tours! Parents please check the school newsletter.  

Individual Counseling-daily as needed

Small Group Counseling-Each nine week for 6th and 7th grade



Monroe Mentors 

Click the link below to learn more about our school mentoring program!